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We provide various customized accounting services to organizations, busy professionals, individuals that include but not limited to:


This involves the preparation of non-audited financial statements from information provided by the client. The work done is less extensive than in an audit or a review engagement and the cost is correspondingly less.

Such engagement is appropriate only where the client and other users do not need financial information that conforms in all respects to generally accepted accounting principles and audit or review assurance is not required.

Budgets and Forecasts

Due to the increasing competitive nature of the business environment, success of your organization will depend to some degree on how you formulate your objectives, assess your markets, harness your skills, and obtain the financial resources to meet these objectives. Accordingly, we can assist you with the preparation of budgets, forecasts and business plans. we can also assist you in identifying and selecting alternative banking and financing sources.

Payroll Services

This involves the preparation and establishment of internal controls over staff administered payroll, to ensure that all source deductions, i.e., employment insurance, union dues, pension plans, insurance premiums; federal and provincial income taxes are properly accounted for and paid on a timely basis.