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Over the years we have developed substantial experience and skills in helping our clients and organizational to meet their growing needs in respect of:

Forensic Accounting

We conduct investigative processes by examining and evaluating a firm’s or individual’s financial information and quantify the required financial amounts for the use in the following civil and other disputes:

  • Valuations
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Business economic losses
  • Computer forensic analysis
  • Shareholders’ and partnership disputes
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings
  • Business or employee fraud investigations

Financial Services

Faced with the challenges of the economic uncertainties and a desire to maximize investments, we provide a variety of financial services such as financial planning, derivatives and risk management.

Our approach involves a thorough understanding of your financial needs and investment objectives, analyzing factors such as taxes that would influence your objectives and then develop recommendations for attaining these goals.

Information Systems & Training

The decision to upgrade (or purchase) a computerized information system can be a challenging endeavor. Sometimes it appears safer to incur a large capital outlay and purchase what appears to be the best system or application on the market. Unfortunately, rapid technological changes tend to make even the best system obsolete in a couple of months. Without a proper system development process, the components purchased may not be compatible or fail to deliver on the intended objectives. It is therefore crucial that careful consideration is given to the firm’s needs and constraints before making such decisions.

With significant experience over the years working with large systems such as Oracle Financial Management Solutions, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Systems and medium sized systems applications such as Accpac, Simply and AccountEdge (formerly MYOB), we provide invaluable project management services in system design, selection, implementation, and operational support . In addition, we offer in-house training to facilitate the efficient and effective use of installed systems.

Management Consulting

Operating a successful business involves striking a balance between competing demands on scarce resources and setting priorities. In addition, external factors like, government regulations, suppliers, labour supply, customers, competitors, financial institutions and shareholders all exert varying demands on the business.

We provide specific services which will enable you to operate your organization efficiently and effectively. These range from simple suggestions for improving your accounting or information systems, marketing strategies, the design and evaluation of internal controls and the development of policies and procedures to ensure efficient utilization and protection of your organization’s resources.