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As a Licensed Public Accounting (LPA) firm, we render services to ensure that your financial statements are prepared in accordance with statutory requirements, and conform to the accounting standards as required by the Canadian and International Professional Institutes.

Audit Engagement

We provide various professional assurance services where we review the financial information and express an opinion on the asserted validity process that enables clients to make informed decisions.

Given that these audited financial statements can also be relied upon to meet statutory or regulatory requirements for filing annual and periodic financial information, we issue an unqualified audit opinion, if we concur with how the organization prepared these statements, or a qualified opinion, if there are some material aspects of the organization’s statements that we do not agree with. On the extreme, if the scope is deemed insufficient, we do not express an opinion on the financial statements.

Review Engagement

Management of most medium sized organizations, whose shares are not publicly traded on the stock exchange, may not wish to incur the high costs associated with audits. In this regard, we provide review services where we ascertain whether the financial statements are plausible, that is, worthy of belief.

If, after our review, we are satisfied that the financial statements are not misleading, a standard report will preface these financial statements with limited assurance. Alternatively, a report will be issued with reservations including the appropriate disclosures.

Internal Audit Engagement

We provide internal audit (outsourcing) services or we can provide assistance to your internal audit functionality as a co-sourcing.

Our techniques are designed to give advice on how your organization can build a strong, strategic Internal Audit framework that integrates compliance, controls and risk management with your mission and stakeholder expectations.

In addition, our services will increase your organization’s effectiveness, eliminate duplication and identify the following areas of performance improvements:

  • Internal audit and corporate governance procedures
  • Technology, risk assessments, training, process and organizational re engineering, benchmarking and quality assurance reviews.